Gabe’s 12th Birthday Cake Challenge

3 02 2012

I had a really hard time trying to come up with theme for Gabe’s birthday this year.  He’s officially a tween. (tears).  He’s not really into sports so a sports theme was out and that was pretty much the only idea I could find on google.   So with all the craziness around cake decorating I decided to set up a Cake Challenge for his party.

I got my cake supplies from a couple of sources.  Jesters Cake Supply I used for my fondant, rollers and impression.  They have really good prices.  Especially on the fondant.  One five pound bucket was enough for both cakes.  I also used my coupon at Michael’s to pick up a few things and I went to Scoop n’ Save which is local for me.  They always have a great selection.

I also bought chef  coats in blue in green.

My wonderful, talented friend Maria did the graphic design for me. I cut out differnent size circles in coordinating colors and hung them from the ceiling.  It turned out really cool.  For give aways I filled candy jars and added the graphic to the paper bags which the boys got to fill just before they were ready to leave.

I did some prep work before the party.  I pre made all of the cakes and icing.  I made two three tier cakes.  A ten Inch, eight inch and six inch.  Two layers for each.  I’m not going to lie….it was a lot of cake. If I were to do it again mayb a couple of styrofoam layers would of been a good idea. I also made a big batch of buttercream and big batch of royal icing and put those into rubbermaids.  Didn’t think making icing during the event was a good idea.

This is me making a complete disaster of my kitchen:

I decided before hand that part of the challenge would be to make a cake that goes with the themed colors for the party.  This helped because I bought decorations that would work.   It also made what colorings to get a lot easier.  I also enlisted the help of family and friends.  The girls in my life are amazing.  I had one friend in charge of icing bags and an adult on each team to help decorate.  The fondant is a bit challenging so the kids needed some help, and lets face it….how could we not jump in??

Important steps to cake decorating you NEED to know:

Each cake layer will need to be covered in buttercream.  middle layer and outside.

You will need something in each layer to keep them from collapsing.  I used big straws which I cut to size, but you can also use small dowels.  Straws are easier to cut though.

Buy gloves because coloring the fondant is messy!

If you’ve never done this before…. don’t worry.  That is what You Tube is for.  Watch some tutorials and do a practice cake if your nervous.  I’ve only ever made one fondant cake before this.

Upon arrival everyone got to put on their chef coats.  I had a bunch of snack off to the side so everyone could munch while they decorate. I broke everyone up into two teams. Green and Blue.  They were given the rules.

They were:

1.  The cake needs to match the theme of the party.

2. Each cake must have a figure on top that represents the birthday boy.

3. Each team member must contribute.

4.  Adults are only allowed to assist.  Not do. (We had trouble with this rule you may want to skip it)

5.  Two hours to finish.

I ordered the chef coats from Happy Chef Uniforms.  I got a really great deal and the boys got to take them home.

On with the challenge!

After planning our cakes we all dove in.  Took about three minutes to break rule number 4.

OK….I know this looks bad but I swear the kids got to do most of it!

Needed to keep the tiny chefs busy of course!

I put out a lot of snacks for the kids to munch on and half way through we took a break for pizza.

We also had a time challenge.  I member from each team had to try to eat the most freeze dried beans (you know the edible salted kind) they could in 3o seconds.  Loser had to sit out for 5 minutes.  I am so mad I didn’t get a picture because it was REALLY funny.  (They were so grossed out)

The kids were totally into it.  They worked hard and had fun.  After our time was up each team  had to carry their cakes to the “judging table” to be judged.


These two are just too cute for words.

Hope you enjoyed!


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