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17 01 2012

I was on one of my favourite websites a couple of weeks ago checking out their trends for 2012 when a came across this gorgeous pillow from Archival Decor.


I love it.  They have a lot of other versions but this is definitely one of my faves.  It costs $245.   Definitely not in my current stay at home mom budget.

So I decided to do a little researching to see if I could do something like this on my own.  First thing I looked up was how to transfer an image to fabric. There are a lot of different ways to do it but my criteria for what I wanted was that I didn’t want to be limited to the size of the image and I wanted it to be easy. I found some great instructions on A Beautiful Mess.  Great Blog.

Next I found some photos that were close to what I was looking for.


I found this one on Flicker


And this one from Etsy via a Pinterest site.

I sent them to Staples and had 11×17 laser copies made in a rich black text ( at least I think that’s what they called it)

Materials needed

A laser copy of an image- You can really do anything you want.  I think my next pillow of my dog Lucy.  Just remember if you are using anything with letters to flip it before its printed or the letters will be mirrored.

Heavy artist medium-  I grabbed a high gloss one and wish I would of got something with more of a matte finish.  After the image is transferred you can put and extra coat of medium on to help protect your image.  I picked mine up at Michaels in the artist’s paint section.  It’s a little pricey so make sure you use your Michael’s coupon they always have for 40 or 50% off.  I have the app on my phone so I always have it with me.

paint brush- any thing

fabric- (I used cotton but I think this would work on anything except stretchy)

water bottle

Soft cloth to wipe it down- I used my Norwex microfiber and it worked amazing but I think an soft cloth or microfiber would work.


Now you can either leave the image as above or trim out the white.  Please note any where you paint the medium it will transfer to the material including the white border.  So you can just be careful when painting in on or cut it out.




After you have put a good thick layer on it press it the spot you would like it on your fabric.  Smooth out any wrinkles.  Then we wait.  A few hours or overnight.  Just needs to dry before you can take it off.

After it has dried spray the back of the paper with water and let it soak in a bit.


Now things get a bit messy.  Just start carefully peeling and picking the paper off.  Be careful not to scratch to hard or your picture will come off.


When it gets to the last bit use your cloth to clean it off.  Keep wetting the image and wiping.   Voila!  Your fabric is ready.  Now you can add an extra coat of medium at this point….just remember if you picked a gloss it will make it shiny.

Make pillows any size, or what ever else you want.


I made these pillows which I love….



At about ten dollars a pillow I’m pretty happy with the results!

Hope you enjoyed.



15 10 2011

So here it is……my first Christmas post. Yes, it’s only October and I should be thinking about Halloween but I’m not. Especially because I know I need to order what I want in November so I can I have it all for December 1. Christmas time gives me the opportunity to completely justify the redecorating of my whole house. Usually I can slip in some paint and some other little reno that I can completely justify to Mike. He is so good at letting go off on my whirlwind of holiday bliss.

So here’s a little inspiration to get you in the festive mood……

Feathers ornaments are so beautiful and I love how you can easily make a DIY project out of them. The large assortment of feathers on the top left can be found at Seltzer Studios I found the beautiful feather wrapped ornament at John Lewis , Red Book Magazine showed the large grouping as aDIY for a table chandelier. Made by Roost you can find the feather porcelain ornaments at Out of Gray. The single peacock ornment is sold at Crate and Barrel.

I love owls….like LOVE them. They are so beautiful and I REALLY love them in my Christmas decor. Starting at the top left here is where I found these beauties. Cute little fluffy owl (branch not included) at West Elm. the Pearl white owl is from John Lewis. The winter owl tree topper I CANNOT find anywhere. However….last year I became completely obsessed with having this owl on top of my tree. So I bought a white feathered owl from a store, ordered some feathers, glued them on and ended up with a pretty close comparible. It was a fun project…although very messy (feathers EVERYWHERE and Mike was a “bit” annoyed with me). Ok…ridiculously cute fluffy owl I found on Trendy Tree. This site has a lot of cute owls, birds, etc you can find….and my favourite part about this site….not expensive. For those of you who do not want to turn there house into a feathery disaster, Pottery Barn has come out with their own version this year. He is cute….very woodlandish.

I really like simple non fussy decorations. Decorations that have a handmade feel (whether I made them or not) . What a really like about all of these is that although they have a rustic, primitive feel to them they all feel very modern. Starting with the lovely papiere mache deer i found at West Elm. The fabric wrapped ornments on Etsy are so simple. I love the way the fabric gives them such a nice texture. The string ornaments are a DIY on Martha Stewart’s website…I love you Martha. Wired stars are fabulous, I really love their shape. You can find those on the Garnet Hill site. House stocking hook is from Crate and barrel. Silver temple bells, Vivaterra. The final bunch I found on a Danish site calle Oi Soi Oi. I don’t think you can buy these but I love how they show you can make beautiful Christmas decoration from unexpected materials.

These are SO pretty. It never ceases to amaze me the impact one word, or on black and white image can have. The german glitter frame , I found on Pottery Barn, is just beautiful. I love trees and the sparkle they added is just perfect. The She Loves Christmas ornament hits a personal note for me. It is made by Beth Quinn, blogger, jewlery maker. She is so talented….definitely worth exploring her shop and her blog. The book ornament is made by Brookish on Etsy. I love how you can capture your favourite words on something you can bring out once a year, this particular one is Pride and Prejudice. Okay the music sheet ornament is BRILLIANT. It is photocopies of christmas sheet music decoupaged onto a glass ball. I am doing White Christmas FOR SURE! The typepad ornaments can be found on Ornamental, another fantastic blogger and Etsy shop owner.

Oh my goodness…..I can’t get enough of any of these! You’ll either love or hate these. I honestly cannot get enought of the mermaids! Mermaids and deer are from Plasticland (very cool site). Bear cup (and other varities are on Modcloth. Flying pig (oh my goodness….can you stand it???) is sold on Vivaterra. Jackalope jewelery holder, Seltzer Studios. These white nesting doll are actually measuring cups, can be purchased from Urban Outfitters.

Okay…..this is it for now. I am already thinking of a million other things I need to blog about for Christmas! Hope you enjoyed!

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