Happy Thanksgiving!

1 11 2011
Thanksgiving was so nice this year.  I had a great dinner at my sisters and had my own on the holiday Monday.  I made a couple of things that I posted in my previous Thanksgiving post and put the rest on my to do for next year list.

Making the little turkey pine cones was my favorite thing this Thanksgiving.  Daniela and I got to together with friends and spent a great night talking laughing while making our projects.

I also made my own version of the “Gather” banner.  I was happy with it, turned out pretty good I think.  I tried to distress the paper and discovered that that is definitely not a job that can be rushed.

My table was simple but I liked it, only thing I wished I had been linen napkins and maybe some new place mats oh and I would like some chargers or colored plated next year as well.  I didn’t have enough of the right color….so mad.

I love holiday and how they give the family a good reason to get together and eat a good meal while enjoying each others company.  This year Daniela and I did the Turkey Trot the day of my dinner.  Got up very early and went and ran 10km.  This was not easy post her amazing dinner and wine but this may be why although snug, I can still get into my pants.  Will this become a tradition??  I hope so.  It was fun.

There is my brother-in-law well into his tradition of watching football on the couch.  He’s lucky I love him because watching sports honestly makes me want to poke my eyes out.  I love how the baby seat is strapped in and the toys are taking over the room.  A real family dinner!

P.S.  that’s me down there with my wine in hand




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