Halloween Wreaths

30 09 2011

I have been searching around for a great wreath I can use for inspiration for my front door and there is definitely no shortage of ideas!!  Now that I am full of ideas I can’t decide which one I should do!  It is going to be the first thing everyone looks at so it going to need to set the tone for my whole Halloween scene.  I love Halloween….

This paper wreath I found on the Vacuuming in High Heels.  Definitely one of my favorites!  I love the idea of upcycling old (or bad) books,  I really like the bats and the striped ribbon its hanging on.  My front door is black so this would still stand out.
Felt wreaths are adorable and the spider is my favorite part. This looks a little intimidating because it looks ablsolutely perfectly done.  I always say no problem, then I try to do it and it looks like something out of a horror show….not the Halloween kind.
I found this mummy wreath on Etsy…..no longer available but what a great idea!  I really like mummies and I have found some really neat mummy ideas for the front yard (will post on that another time).  I wonder if I could do a wreath that looks like a mummy head?
Halloween glam….love.   Those flowers are unbelievable.  I would seriously need to take a course to do that and I am pretty sure at this point Halloween would be over by the time I was done!  Sparkly bat is a nice touch as well.
Fur-ocious wreath I found on BHG.  Can you imagine???  A whole monster themed front yard.  So…so…fun.

Such a cool snake wreath ( had to throw the flowers in there too.)  Just glue everything on and spray black…..so freaky! Or….you can buy Martha Stewart’s animated snake wreath.
Loving the glow in the dark eyeball wreath!  Seriously?  Who comes up with this stuff…..it GLOWS in the dark.  It makes it almost enviromentally friendly if it wasn’t completely made out of rubbery plastic.  Amazing.
This one is from the Lil Luna blog.  I LOVE it…. so cute!  I seem to be in love with anything that has a good graphic these days.  It is almost too cute to put outside….maybe I should do two wreaths.



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