Scooby Doo Birthday Party

19 09 2011

For Romy’s fourth birthday he requested a Scooby Doo Birthday party.  My first instinct was to go online and order the typical hats, plates and tacky table covers.  I started doing some poking around on the internet and realized even though the birthday is themed I can add tons of personal touches.  The kids invited to the party ranged from 6 months to 13 years old….so instead of planning activities I just let them all play,  and the kids had their fun doing whatever they wanted to do.  I was so lucky the weather cooperated with usgiving us the perfect day for an outdoor party!

IMG_7760We rented a long children’s size table and stool for the which worked out great for them. They loved being able to sit together for the party and I have to say they looked pretty darn cute while they did!


I made the party hats.  I loved all of the great ideas I found on Pinterest and came up with these cuties.  I will never buy a party hat again!


IMG_7659 I decided after looking at cakes on the internet and watching Cake Boss a million times that I could definitely do a fondant cake on my own.  Why I let me talk myself into these things i’ll never know.  The average person would say, “I should take a course so I can do something like that too.” Or maybe do a small practice cake to see what is involvled.  I was convinced I could do it and I would definitely save some money.  Well….after buying all of the supplies I definitely spent more that I would of on one ordered form a professional.  I watched numerous videos and you tube and realized there was no turning back. With the help of my friend Maria and sister Joey (who both had never made fondant cakes either, we did not too badly!  We had to strategically place some of the fondant decor but I am very happy with how it turned out. (I’ll save money next time for sure!) Borrowed some ideas from some incredibly talented people on the internet.


Favours were a combo of me and my wonderful friend Maria who printed off the Scooby Doo graphics for me.   I think everyone needs a Maria Smile   I gave away Scooby masks. magnifying glasses, balls, bubbles, and scooby doo rings.  Its always tricky to cusomize for different age groups but putting everything in orange sand buckets worked perfectly to help keep them sorted out.

I ordered the Scooby Snacks from an online grocer in the U.S. They are so cute and made the best favours.  Sadly, I don’t think they are making them anymore.


Now just add kids ………


It was such a fun party and Romy had a blast.  Thanks to sites like Pinterest and amazing bloggers birthday parties will never be the same again… it!




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