Running for Love by Daniela Schwartz

22 08 2011

I so should be packing right now. We are leaving for Osoyoos in the morning for 8 nights  and if anyone has travelled lately with an infant you know that there is a butt load of arsenal that needs to be sorted out. I just need to get this update out, since I have not posted on my training since week 2!

What a summer it has been. I do feel the need to mention these stats:  pounds lost 0 Pounds gained 4. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!!!!! My dream of fitting cutely into a running skirt, knee high socks and arm warmers is quickly fading.

This morning I went for my short run (45 min 6Km). I was in my garage trying to get the rain cover on the stroller for the first time, Oliver is crying, I finally got it on then couldn’t find my phone. So I had to take the cover off, go look in the house, run upstairs, call my phone. Nothing. Go back outside, I hear it. It was in the cup holder of the stroller (genius). I am now warmed up. Put Oliver back in the stroller, I am now a master of the rain cover and we are off! It is POURING. Seriously, wanted to turn back, but if I do not commit to my schedule over the next 4 weeks I’ll be in trouble.

I have been working through a strain in my lower leg. I’ve just been given the thumbs up to start building up my strength. It’s tough to get back out there full throttle. I have seen some ladies posting about getting off track with their training and trying to get back the motivation. It is tough, but read on.  Here I am running, pushing Oliver up a hill, realizing that cotton is not the best thing to wear in the rain, cause i am pretty sure I gained 3 pounds in water absorption, and I wonder. “What on earth am I doing?” “WHAT AM I DOING????” Why am I running in the rain, with my baby? My leg is hurting, my glutes are burning.  What am I doing? I think of Living Hope. I think of what those women have been through. I start to feel sorry for them and in that moment I get a revelation from God. It’s not about their past, it is about giving a future. This is not about feeling bad for them, this is about empowering these women through love to start a new life. This not about how far I can run. How fast I can run. How hardcore I can feel running in the rain with my jogger stroller secretly hoping people are feeling a mixture of admiration and pity as they drive by me. This is about raising money to give to my sister in Africa. This project has a specific goal. Not 21 km. (well okay, 21 km)  The real goal is $50,000. She Loves. She Runs. She Loves.  God loving through us. Killing it for Love. I lost sight a bit of the this. It’s not about me. It’s about them.

I’m scheduled to run 16km  in two weeks. I know I can do it. The real challenge is hitting and busting my financial goal.  I want to BLESS these women. I want to see lives CHANGED. Through the love of God.






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