Half Marathon Training

14 08 2011

Well here it is, Week 7. Training for this marathon has not been easy as we can call testify to!

The last couple of weeks have been extra tough. I pulled my IT band and have found myself in constant pain. It has been o.k. but frustrating because all I want to do is train. It has take a lot of the enjoyment out of running for so I am really trying hard to get it back. I have spent some time on the internet trying to learn a bit more about running and have realized…….. I know nothing about running. I have pretty much been doing most things wrong. A lot of what I thought I knew were things I just heard through out my life…..or what’s notoriously known as old wives tales. I am so glad I took the time out to go to the nutrition class that Andrea gave us or I am pretty sure I would be completely out of commision!

The biggest one for myself, is that stretching is something that should be done after your run…..not before. (Whoops…..I’ve been doing that this whole time!) I have been faithfully stretching before and after each run and I have sadly confused this with a “warm up”. There even seems to be some controversy over if we even need to stretch at all. Read the article below:

Article from Runner’s World:

For Dr. Thacker’s paper “The Impact of Stretching on Sports Injury Risk: A Systematic Review of the Literature,” he and his colleagues pored over nearly 100 other published medical studies on the subject. Their key conclusions: stretching does increase flexibility; the highest-quality studies indicate that this increased flexibility doesn’t prevent injuries; few athletes need extreme flexibility to perform their best (perhaps just gymnasts and figure skaters); and more injuries would be prevented by better warmups, by strength training, and by balance exercises, than by stretching.

You can read the whole article for yourself. It is very interesting and does make some sense. I’m not saying don’t stretch….I still think I need to do it, but you all can investigate and decide for yourselves.

So what is the recommended routine we need to do?

1. Warm-Up

I found a really great routin4e on Runner’s World (this website is so amazing). There are a couple others but I tried this one out and liked it.

The Fully Fit Active Warm-Up

**There a few other Fully Fit videos which are really good. There is even one for at the office….yes I did it. I’m a nerd.

2. Slowly increase our distance. I find when I am running I feel really,really good. I can run long and at a good pace. I can finish with great Kms at the end of my run but I pay for it later. (Even though I feel good at the end of my run too). I have to start forcing myself slowly build my endurance to avoid injury. If i need to run for 1:30 and cover 10 km I need to keep my pace slower, and only increase by 10% each week, which means next week I run 11km for my long run. This is so hard for me because I feel so good and I could honestly go way faster and longer, but I am ending up hurt a couple of days later so I have to restrain myself.

3. Try to mix up the surfaces you run on. Do trails, asphlat and sidewalks. If you do spend alot of time running on sidewalks (like all my short runs) run on the opposite side of the side walk each run. Sidewalks slope slightly towards the road and can lead to unbalanced muscles and ultimately injuries. (like the one I currently have with my IT band….just found out about this one). We run trails for our long runs which is probably a very good thing.

4. Shoes…..I should not of put off buying shoes. This would of saved my alot of troubles with my feet and knees. We also need to regularly inspect our shoes for wear and tear. We are putting a lot of mileage on them and the last thing you want to do is have to buy new shoes right before your long race.

I found a couple of workouts on Runner’s World we can do at home. These work outs protect us from injuries. If you are having a hard time fitting your crosstraining in I did these this morning and they are so great. I have hurt my IT Band and it is mainly from not having enough strength in my glutes and hips. These workouts cover knees, calves, feet, hips and IT band.

Safe Keepers Workout

“Never Get Hurt” Workout

Happy and safe running ladies! We are getting closer to the big day…..I can’t believe how far we’ve come.

We are running for She Loves Half Marathon. Donations for Living Hope here.

UPDATE: I went to a sports therapist and found out my left hip was locked in forward position. He unlocked it for me (I`m not going to lie….it hurt) but I feel A LOT better (YAY!!). It was definitely my IT band that was part of my problem but at least I have some knowledge on how to prevent and what to do if this happens again. Definitely going to pace myself from now on!




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