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5 07 2011

So here it is, our very first blog post. My sister and I have been talking about starting a joint blog, who knows, maybe with someone else involved, I will have more than two posts a year.

For my first official post at lime in the coconuts (We picked the name because we have a visual of a picture of our dogs in lime bikini bottoms sharing a coconut drink wearing shades) (so friggin cute).

I have officially started my second week of training for a half marathon. 10 days ago, I was winded climbing my stairs. (truthfully I still am, I actually now am almost physically unable to climb them or descend them).

What started this crazy adventure? A blog from one of my favourite girls. Tina Francis. She writes every Friday at She Loves Magazine a column called…….(drumroll) TGIF Tina’s Glee Inducing Fridays.http://shelovesmagazine.com/?p=7303
She is quirky, random, engaging and from the heart honest. She had decided to raise money for an organization call Living Hope. It was first introduced to me two years ago. It aids women who have been taken my soldiers in Africa, and when they try to escape or rebel they are physically mutilated. They cut off the lips, noses, ears and sometimes genitals. When these women eventually make it back to their community they are shunned for their appearance. Living Hope has arranged for plastic surgeons to perform reconstructive surgeries on these women for $2500 each. That is what we originally were raising funds for, but they have more than 150 surgeries paid for at this time. So our efforts will go towards the aftermath. Trauma counselling, vocational training. Heal the inside of these women.

So that is why me (severely out of shape) and 50 others in various forms of physical conditioned women are going to do this. It is what pushed me through the first week. It was pushed me through the first kilometer when I realized every mentionable and unmentionable part of me was jiggling and I was praying that no one noticed. When I had that moment that I thought for sure I was going to have to spit in public or vomit, it really could have gone either way. When my lungs and legs have been searing with pain and I look down at my iPod and see I have been running for 2 minutes. I feel like I have climbed so many mountains this last week. Spiritually and physically.

A fellow runner/blogger Brandi Lee (heres her post) http://littledouce.blogspot.com/2011/07/run-for-your-sister.html

has the same song on her playlist that has been my anthem this week. Dog Days are Over – Florence and the Machines. Great song. I kind of rewrote it though. I see the face of my sister in Africa and think “Your sh*t days are over, (dog doesn’t seem to cut it) its time to move forward, I running fast for ya sister” (although my interpertation of fast may be very different to yours) .

My husband recently just did an insane 100 hole golf a thon for Mercy Ministries. No cart, carrying his clubs. At the end his feet were hamburger, his body, jelly. They asked him why he did it and he replied “These girls have lived a life of pain, I can endure one day. For them”

Yes for what these women have lived through and live with, I can endure this summer of running. It’s officially become a sisterhood of global proportions. Its starting with running beside my twin sister and God knows where it will end.

So 5 tips for training for a 1/2 marathon in 12 weeks when you are current physical condition is “atrophy”:

1. If you are wearing your Ipod, be AWARE of your overly stalker style heavy breathing or possible snorting (I’m not sure why I was doing that).

2. Buy cute workout gear. Looking the part is half the battle. (That goes for all sports)

3 Running only burns 300-500 calories. That is equivlalent to a small meal. Not a Costco sized bag of chips. You will gain weight if you eat that many chips. For. sure.

4. Do not try to run and drink out of your water bottle at the same time. Unless you like water up your nose.

5. If you have been on a machine at the gym for an extended period of time, be careful on dismount. Your legs may not support you and if you bend over to quick, you might pass out. Just saying





7 responses

5 07 2011

Great post, and thanks for the shout out, ha ha. Heyo! I am so pumped to be on this journey with you and all the other 49+ women. I’m also looking forward to you two logging your journey!

5 07 2011

Your welcome and Thanks you Brandi -Lee. It will be fun to look back at these blogs in six weeks. Hopefully we will look back at a weaker selves and be like “Wow, I am so super buff now….”

5 07 2011
Tina Francis

Oh my gosh! This is hilarious!!!!

“When I realized every mentionable and unmentionable part of me was jiggling and I was praying that no one noticed.”
– Getting a visual that is cracking me up!!!

“If you are wearing your Ipod, be AWARE of your overly stalker style heavy breathing or possible snorting”
– I JUST DISCOVERED I was doing this today between songs! hahaha.

“Buy cute workout gear. Looking the part is half the battle.”
-I need to do this soon!

“Running only burns 300-500 calories. That is equivlalent to a small meal. Not a Costco sized bag of chips.”
– Where were you a week ago. I have been eating like the world is ending for the last seven days! Thanks for the reminder. 😉

Love you Danny!

5 07 2011

Awwww, thanks Tina. So happy to doing this with you and looking forward to the journey together. 🙂

6 07 2011
Claire J De Boer

You guys are hilarious – my spirit runs with you!

6 07 2011

Once again I am in awe of you both…you inspire me…make me laugh (alot)…make me proud…make me want to be a better person…
I could go on and on…Love you both sooo much!

6 07 2011

Love you too Terry. Want to join us? xo

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